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Your Website Spokesperson

The company, “Your Website Spokesperson,” specializes in dispatching state of the art, affordable and customized spokespersons to websites all over the world. This company has a large number of models to choose from, has professional video studios and a streamlined ordering process. The company prides itself on its ability to deliver dependable, top quality service and results to their customers.
Your Website Spokesperson creates a spokesperson that matches your website. They are not part of a larger advertising agency that tries to sell you large, expensive, marketing packages. They also do not employ aggressive sales personnel that will try to make you spend more than you budget. From start to finish, you can complete your entire website spokesperson order online, without having to talk to them. Of course, if you have any questions, you can always call them up at their toll-free number, or send them an email inquiry.
Your website has an opportunity to stand out and be accessed from the over millions of other websites already in existence. You can increase the traffic to your website by hiring your own website spokesperson.
Creating a real website spokesperson on your own can be expensive and a real hassle, but Your Website Spokesperson can simplify things for you. You can quickly browse the videos of over one hundred professional models and find the model that fits your needs. Once you locate the model you want, you just answer a few online questions telling them how you want your spokesperson to appear on your website. Then enter your script, or if you don’t have one, you can ask us to write the script for you.
They’ll bring the model you selected into their professional studio and film them in front of a camera. Then, they will digitally remove the background to make it transparent, and process the video in accordance with your desired specifications described in your online order. After a few days, you will receive your own website spokesperson, tailored specifically for your website.
When they send you the website spokesperson, they’ll give you instructions on how to insert them into your website. No programming skills are required.

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