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Spokesperson’s Appearance

A spokesperson doesn’t rely on verbal abilities alone. In fact, it may be said that the importance of his verbal capabilities is as important as how he looks like and how he acts on stage. Though it might seem, just speaking to a lot of people, once you’re on top, you’ll never erase that feeling of nervousness.
A spokesperson, as said, should be aware of the topic more than anything else in that room. In saying this, it is also extremely important that he or she should not overshadow that topic with how he or she dresses. A speaker’s appearance can thus make the message more convincing and trustful.
In terms of the clothes you’ll wear, you should always be conservative. This is a must as this will give you more of a respect from the listeners, thus making them more sincere in hearing what you have to say. Wear a dark suit with a solid colour shirt. White tends to reflect light on the one who’s wearing it so be sure to remember that. The socks should be knee length for men and if the women is to wear hosiery, then it should be seamless, with nude toe and heel.
Never wear flashy jewelry. Just tend to keep it simple. Remember that you must not overshadow your topic and that is certainly a must. Also, Keep you jacket free of lapel buttons and pins. There should also be no bulking items inside your pockets. Trust me, I’ve done that before and I never noticed it while I was on stage and just when I finished, when I saw it, it really just looked bad in front of people. This may also give them a sense that you’re not neat or something.
When it comes to major appearances, use powder, professionally applied. A dusting of powder on your face will help avoid shine often caused by bright lights. It will also mask any tendency men have toward ""five o’clock shadow."" Do not wear light sunglasses, and if possible, it is better not to wear any glasses at all. Remember that you’re going to convince you’re listeners about the topic, and eye contact is a must, also wearing glasses may surely well be fashionable that it may be deemed unnecessary for that occasion or topic.
Last reminders are to keep jacket buttoned when seated but pulled straight to avoid wrinkles and making sure that the collar and ties are straight, as well as shirt tucked in properly. These reminders may be something you’re already aware of, but still being reminded of them may help you relay that message better.

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