A good Spokesperson

Steps to becoming a good spokesperson

Being a spokesperson is never easy. You have to speak to hundreds or thousands of people you don’t know, relay a message that is not about you and persuade them. Well, when I put it that way, it is certainly discouraging but what I say is the truth. Persuading someone you don’t know is certainly not easy, but to put that heart of yours to ease, just think of some steps and remember that what you’re doing is just conveying a message, what comes after will surely be something that you’ll look forward to.
Today it is certainly inevitable for a company not to be interviewed by the media. This is why companies calls for good spokespersons to do the bidding for them in terms of talking and persuading. There is certainly a huge difference from just talking to the media and getting your idea cross through and garner positive comments, thus this leads to you taking of some tips to how to become that spokesperson these companies need,
They say that when you think you’re talking too fast, then you do talk too fast and vice versa when you think you talk slow. Well, in being a spokesperson, this is also true. Remember not to haste yourselves and be sure that what you’re saying is true and getting to them. Unless you do this, then your efforts may as well be in vain.
Also, by definition, a conversation is a two way process with two parties to begin with. So in time, when you’re speaking the media may also speak up and ask you some questions. Remember, nothing will frustrate a journalist more than a spokesperson who refuses to answer their questions. Tactifully dodging may not be as good as you think as it may imply wrong thinking to the media and listeners.
It may also be good to side track. Let’s face it, before a spokesperson, you’re a civilian and when strengthening relationships, it is better to find that interest of you two. Get sidetrack for just seconds of course but never let it stray you from the actual topic.
Lastly, speak clearly and concisely. Your topic will depend on this and how well you speak will surely affect how well they’ll understand your message. This is most important as without this your message may lead to misunderstandings or not even understanding at all. Being a spokesperson is not an easy task and that’s what you must remember. By doing so, you may always be reminded of these tips and the right thing to do when the time comes.

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