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Why Hire a 3rd Party Spokesperson?

Are you launching a new product?
Do you have to educate your boss or your client regarding the reason why they should hire a 3rd party spokesperson for their product?
Here are the reasons why you should hire a 3rd party spokesperson:
1. You can build up brand equity with credibility.
If you use an outside expert or trustworthy celebrity, they will be able to convey their message while being appreciated by the mass media. If you hire someone in-house, for example, the head of Research & Development who developed the product, they might be viewed by the media as self-serving.
2. You can maximize the ROI (Return-of-Investment) in building consumer awareness for the product.
Reinforcing the message of a product’s advertising campaign in a public relations venue is a more cost-effective way to convey detailed information regarding the product than a 30-second television commercial.
3. You can build consumer awareness.
You can provide added-value from the product as perceived by the consumer and the mass media and not just a commercial pitch.
4. You can position or reposition a product in the consumer’s mind.
You can draw attention to new or existing products in venues where the spokesperson can give tips as well as educate, entertain and inform consumers regarding the product.
5. You can reinforce a product’s identity and corporate image.
You can select your spokesperson carefully and match them to your product’s messaging, venues, availability and budget. A new book author who is promoting your product can be affordable and highly effective. On the other hand, an A-list celebrity’s recognition may be outstanding, but the talent fee he or she will charge might be exorbitant. When working with famous personalities, you should consolidate as many deliverables as possible within the shortest amount of time in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs. Make sure you employ a celebrity whose image and credentials are compatible with the product. You don’t want a celebrity’s love life, latest movie or worse, to overshadow the product message. The celebrity should also be effective when promoting your product is various media and venues, such as in national and local TV appearances, radio interviews and commercials, social media posts and the internet (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc.).

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